Waubs Harbour Whisky

Waubs Harbour Whisky

Whisky Distillery Bicheno

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• Maritime Tasmanian Single Malt Whisky
• Barrels maturing metres from the ocean in Waubs Harbour (Bicheno, Australia)

Our Preview Series is aptly named the Preview Series, this release of small cask single malt whisky gives a sneak peek into what’s to come for Waubs Harbour Whisky while we wait for our larger casks to come to full maturation. 

After years in the making, today Rob is filling our bottles and ever-so-carefully polishing and labelling each one, getting them ready to finally share with you. The smile says it all.

For those who have been waiting patiently, our first access email list is now available to join at waubsharbourwhisky.com

We exclusively make Tasmanian single malt whisky. Nothing more, nothing less. Counting the years as our single malt matures has been, at times, a test of patience but one well worth it. 

While our official first release of Waubs Harbour Whisky is due in early 2023, we know a lot of you will be pleased to hear that we will be releasing a taste of what’s to come early 2022.

“I’m pretty excited with how our spirit is maturing. It’s very in line with our vision: true to Tasmanian style being rich, oily and viscous but with a character that comes from maturing our single malt metres from the ocean. I’m a big believer in provenance.” Rob Polmear, Head Distiller.

Rob would never tell you himself but his experience as Head Distiller for Overeem Whisky and Head of Production at Lark Distillery paired with his passion for handcrafting premium produce and a Masters in Antarctic Marine Science make him one of the better people for the job.

Our name, Waubs Harbour, is a nod to the old fishing town and former name of Bicheno. A name honouring Wauba Debar, a Tasmanian Aboriginal woman known for her bravery as ‘heroine of the sea’ and an opportunity to share just a small piece of the special place we get to call home.