Tasmanian Spirit, Miena

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Koumozo Ouzo Aniseed Spirit handmade in Tasmania in very small batches in a copper still.

Koumozo is a truly refined spirit with aniseed flavours distilled in a small copper still made in the central highlands of Tasmania at Miena.

The addition of Tasmanian botanicals that complement the aniseed not only gives it a unique taste but results in a more sophisticated and elegant drinking experience.

My late father John Koumos ran the family winery and distillery on the Greek island of Lipsi in the mid to late 40’s in which he successfully exported wine and Ouzo to all of Greece and Europe. During the 50’s he migrated to Hobart, Tasmania where he married and raised two daughters.

It wasn’t until recently when my mum told me the stories of my late father’s distillery and his success. 

Fascinated by his entrepreneurship, I set out to find out as much as I could.  It was about that time where we met with friends Mike & Jules Stevens who together with Peter Hayes own their own distillery in Miena (The Winter Gin Co Pty Ltd) and immediately started talk of making the first Tasmanian Ouzo. After painstaking effort to find the original recipe, and Michael doing research and testing of his own, we came up with a pretty damn good ouzo.

Our finished product is a family legacy originating in Greece, being brought to life as a tribute to my father who made Tasmania his home.

It’s a celebration of our great state, the opportunities, the people and the unlimited abundance it has to offer.

Koumozo is a truly refined spirit with aniseed flavours distilled in a small copper still made in the central highlands of Tasmania at Miena.  We have used local botanicals to make a refined smooth spirit unlike any other Ouzo in the world. It’s the sophisticated reinvention of the cultural drink of Greece which will be enjoyed and savoured by your discerning tastes.

Ritsa & Perry Nicholas