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From the grapevine to you

McCormack Wines has evolved from almost 3 decades of growing wine grapes in the Tamar Valley, Tasmania.

Bruce McCormack has been involved in the Tasmanian Wine Industry, particularly in the Tamar Valley, since 1993. He commenced his wine industry journey at the age of 20 after arriving in Tasmania from Western Australia on a working holiday, which morphed into calling Tasmania home and becoming a qualified Viticulturist ten years later. Employed in the Tamar Valley for 18 years, in 2011 Bruce McCormack Grapevine Management Services was established, offering grape growing expertise, vineyard management services, vineyard development services and everything viticulture related. Now managing some 12 different vineyard properties particularly up and down the West Tamar Valley, growing grapes for so many wine producers, it was well time for McCormack Wines to come to fruition.

McCormack Wines selects very specific small parcels of grapes from vineyards that are managed and grown by Bruce McCormack. All grapes are produced from vineyards along the West Tamar and Bruce engages local winemakers to produce a wine specific to an intended McCormack Wines wine style. McCormack Wines’ style is for light to medium-bodied wines with upfront fruit driven characters. They are to be easy, everyday drinking and intended to be consumed immediately however made with winemaking skills that will enable reasonable longevity in the cellar.