Lake Barrington Vineyard

Lake Barrington Vineyard

Vineyard West Kentish

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Lake Barrington Estate is a family owned and operated vineyard resting on the foothills of Tasmania’s beloved Mount Roland and Lake Barrington. We produce high quality boutique wines including the Alexandra, a multi award winning cool climate sparkling wine. 

One of the oldest and most picturesque vineyards in Tasmania – established in 1984 it produces award winning cold climate sparkling wine.

Our Story

In August 2015, on holidays in Tasmania, we spent some time in West Kentish and fell in love with the area including the stunning outlook over Lake Barrington Vineyard. After a whole day of snow in the countryside we decided it was time to make the move to Tasmania!

…. We sold our house the next year, packed our belongings and kids in the car and made our way from Sydney to Hobart. On the long voyage across Bass Strait, we noticed the vineyard was for sale! So we did what all aspiring city dwellers looking for a tree change would to do, and bought a vineyard!

A Tasmanian Tradition

After purchasing the vineyard, we realised we weren’t just buying some vines on an idyllic parcel of land, rather we were continuing a tradition that had started with the Taylor family in 1984… Many of the residents of West Kentish and neighbouring towns recall working on the vineyard and there are many stories of how the vineyard came to be and the sparkling wine produced.

Hearing these stories and the connection so many people have to the vineyard, we knew this place was special and that we had a responsibility to continue a long running Tasmanian tradition. 

Wine Tasting Menu
A selection of boutique wines made in the local region and showcased at our tasting events throughout spring and summer

Lake Barrington Estate

  • Lake Barrington 2019 Chardonnay
  • Lake Barrington 2012 Alexandra Sparkling
  • Lake Barrington Wild 2019 Brut Sparkling

White Rock Winery

  • White Rock 2019 Pinot Gris
  • White rock 2018 Dornfelder

Petrichor Wines

  • Petrichor 2019 Pinot Noir
Stay at the Cellar Door.

We have something very, very special happening! Our cellar door is being converted into the most cozy, luxurious airbnb! Imagine waking up to the glistening lake… sipping sparkling wine while residing over the vines… watching the sun set on mount Roland… the cows lowing… the warm gas fire roaring… 

Words can not describe how beautiful Lake Barrington Vineyard is… and we want you to enjoy the Tasmanian highlands from this very special place…

Coming Soon …

Keep an eye on our announcements and sign up to our newsletter to find out when we are ready to start accepting guests.

Our Cellar Door is currently closed during the winter season and will re-open in December 2021. We are available for group bookings, simply contact us.