House of Lenna Gin

House of Lenna Gin

Gin Distillery Battery Point

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Small batch. Hand Crafted. Tasmanian Gin.
Made with Tasmanian Pepperberries and Sea Salt.
Made by @batterypointdistillery @lennaofhobart

House Of Lenna Blend No. 1 has been created by both Jack and Lyn Lark. From day one we wanted to create a gin that could be easily enjoyed on its own, as well as in a cocktail or martini. A complex, but not complicated, gin that has a rich and smooth mouth feel with a long and gentle finish – much like a good whisky. As a result, House of Lenna gin is juniper driven with an upfront layer of herbaceous fresh qualities. It’s backed up by a usual gin botanicals such as lemon, orange, coriander, orris root, and then freshened up with a touch of tonka and vanilla beans. We then finish with a sprinkle of Tasmanian sea salt, which rounds and lengthens out the palate.

Nose: Round and balanced juniper and citrus, with fresh herb undertones.

Palate: Quickly builds to a luscious sweet, oily and creamy palate, rich and complex. The right amount of juniper across the whole palate, presenting as a great classic dry gin.

Finish: Very delicate and smooth. Lingering long, warm and clean.

Battery Point Distillery was founded in 2018 by the historic Lenna of Hobart Hotel, in Hobart’s Battery Point. Owners Lloyd and Jan Clark quickly brought on Head Distiller Jack Lark to head up the development of their spirits. They are committed to crafting small-batch, hand-crafted quality spirits that champion Tasmania.

Handcrafted by head distiller Jack Lark (son of Bill and Lyn Lark) this is the first blend, Blend No. 1, which has been handmade to highlight the depth of flavour and aromatics found in Australian ingredients. Lyn Lark, an award-winning gin distiller in her own right, worked with Jack in the development and perfecting of the recipe. Distilled out of the House of Lenna Tasmanian copper pot still, this unique gin offers a classic dry style with a careful balance of 12 hand-selected botanicals, including native Tasmanian pepperberries and a pinch of Tasmanian Sea Salt.

Delivering a whole-mouth feel and perfume-like aroma, this gin promises rich herbaceous complexity, balanced to perfection so it can be enjoyed on its own, mixed with mineral water or tonic, or in a classic martini.