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Nonesuch Distillery

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Nonesuch is a small, family run distillery in country Tasmania producing small batch gins and whisky.

We are a producer of premium distilled spirits and are located on a working farm in rural south-east Tasmania. 
The Nonesuch product range includes our signature rare Tasmanian Sloe Gin and our contemporary Dry Gin. 
Our Philosophy can be summarised in three words, “quality over quantity” meaning our products are hand crafted in indisputably small batches with every batch receiving the level of attention required to craft it to perfection. You can be assured that every bottle from Nonesuch Distillery is the result of our attention to detail, craftsmanship and care along with a commitment to create amazing flavour profiles that are unique and memorable.
Our whisky maintains the small batch, optimum quality philosophy. Each release comprises between 30 and 40 bottles lovingly crafted from grain we mill, mash and ferment on site. Maturation takes place at our distillery before being hand bottled and hand labelled.

Making fantastic spirit (gin and whisky) on this magnificent island is what makes us leap out of bed of a morning.

Our goal is to create products with amazing flavour profiles that are unique and memorable.


Nonesuch Sloe Gin 
Nonesuch Single Malt Whisky 
Nonesuch Sloe Malt
Nonesuch Dry Gin