Bright Night Gin

Bright Night Gin

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Award winning gin from a multi-award winning distiller, Bright Night Gin, unfiltered wild Tasmanian gin.

Dusty, intense and twinkling with flavour, Bright Night Gin fuses the distinctive taste of Tasmania’s native bushlands with traditional aromatics.

The 14 botanicals in the award-winning Bright Night Tasmanian Gin make it an ideal choice for great gin cocktails. Check out our cocktail ideas on our website.

Botanicals in Tasmania, Australia and around the world infuse together to create an unmistakable taste in your G&T. Learn how we make Bright Night Gin.


There is just something different about a Gin & TonicMartini or a Negroni made with Bright Night Wild Tasmanian Gin.

The unique robust taste of 14 local and imported botanicals has been refined by our multi-award winning distiller, Damian Mackey over the years. The high Alcohol Volume keeps more essential oils and flavour in your drink longer making a memorable sip till the end.

Made with pure mountain waters of Tasmania and intentionally unfiltered, Bright Night Wild Tasmanian Gin may cloud when you pour over ice.

Bright Night Gin is a multi-award-winning Tasmanian gin recently taking out double gold as well as the “Asia Pacific spirit of the year trophy” in China wine and sprits awards 2022. It is the only gin to have ever taken out the trophy.

Our range of Award Winning Tasmanian Gins

Our range of Bright Night Gins are distilled in Hobart, Tasmania. Each batch is gently distilled in our 700ml copper pot still and cut back with pure Tasmanian mountain water. The award winning taste is created using carefully selected native Tasmanian, Australian and imported botanicals. Our multi-award winning Wild Tasmanian Gin and Pink Gin are available to purchase online and at gin bars and bottle shops in Tasmania and around Australia.

We currently do not have a open cellar door. We will keep you informed in the near future when we are able to have an open cellar door.