Charles Reuben Estate

Charles Reuben Estate

Vineyard + Distillery Coal River Valley

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Charles Reuben Estate is a vineyard and distillery in the well known Coal River Valley wine region. CRE is a family run business concentrating on the production of premium wines and spirits – especially brandy and fruit brandies from locally grown fruit where possible. Our fruit brandies (or eau de vie or aqua vitae) are a staple in any pantry across Europe and have endless uses. Charles Reuben Estate is bringing those traditional spirits to Australia.

These aqua vitae have many uses from cooking and baking to digestive and cocktail. Fruit brandies can also be used instead of Gin. Eau de vie can taste similar to some flavoured gins – just omitting the Juniper berry with its dominant flavour.

Our brandy – like Cognac is barrel aged for at least 2 years in a variety of different selected barrel styles i.e. French Oak, American Oak, Ex-Bourbon Port …

Charles Reuben Estate has been producing wine since the early 1990’s. In 2019 the distillery was added to produce the most exquisite, special and rare brandies that can be found in Australia. Studied in Europe and distilled in Australia. We offer true paddock to plate (glass) brandies and exclusive rare specialty spirits not found anywhere else in Australia.

Need a special spirit for your event, wedding or a birthday? We can create spirits especially produced and distilled to your idea. Production volumes as small as 25 litres are possible. Or do you want to know how it all works while staying in the onsite accommodation … even learn to distil? Get in contact for your individual quote.


The Pinot Cottage on Charles Reuben Estate has won awards on AirBnB, and many more. Average ratings are close to 100%. Thousands of people have stayed and enjoyed the tranquillity, luxury and pleasure of the Pinot Cottage.


Charles Reuben Estate is environmentally conscious and a real Paddock to Glass producer. All fruit for our wines and brandies are either from our own production or sourced locally. Food miles are therefore kept to a minimum. 

Our onsite storage for product is a concrete cube that was built into the hill behind the cellar door. By being surrounded by earth the cool room provides us with constant temperature all year round with zero emissions and no energy usage. 

All chemical use is assessed for its neccessity and avoided wherever possible. 

Plans have been made to power the entire distillery and tourist accommodation with solar power making it  the first carbon neutral and sutainable distillery in Australia.