Grey Sands Vineyard

Grey Sands Vineyard

Vineyard Tamar Valley

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Grey Sands is a small, family owned vineyard in the Tamar Valley, Tasmania. We have 17 different varieties of grapes on our property & currently make 10 different wines. Due to Covid19 we ask that you please ring, text or email for a tasting appointment.

First plantings in 1989. We produce full bodied dry table wines, suitable for cellaring.
We do initial cellaring. Wines released when ready.

When you buy a bottle of Grey Sands wine from our Tamar Valley vineyard, you are joining our quest to push the boundaries of our understanding of wine.

From our earliest endeavours we set out to produce wines, not to please everyone (which flattens and homogenises wines) but rather to excite the senses.

What you will experience with a glass of Grey Sands wine is the discovery of wine that is concentrated, complex, intriguing and sometimes confronting.

Wines that you will want to share, to discuss, debate and enjoy with good company. We know our wines need we cellar them for you and only release them when we think they’re approachable. That’s why our current releases have a few years age on them… ready to be enjoyed!

Grey Sands Vineyard is one of the most unique Tamar Valley vineyards, striving to be different from the rest.

Glengarry is a 30-minute drive north-west of Launceston (37 kilometres/23 miles), on the B71, Frankford Road. Ph: 0407 961 167.

Wine Tasting

Come and join us for some wine tasting from some of Tasmania’s most diverse grape varieties – all in a beautiful, unique setting.

Bob has been gardening since he was 3, so he gets bored with the ‘ordinary stuff’. If you’re interested in unusual plants, Grey Sands garden (aka our ‘cellar door’) is a must see.

Bob enjoys nothing more than hunting down unusual plants (be they edible or decorative) and trees – and, as with our vineyard, he likes to experiment and push the boundaries to see just what he can grow here.

Our garden has been planted to have something of interest happening all through the year. If you’ve already been, come at a different time of year to see completely different things.

Due to covid19, we have decided to only open ‘by appointment’ so that we can be sure to comply with all covid19 restrictions and ensure your, and our, safety. As these restrictions are eased, we will update our website. We thank you for your patience.

Call us on 0407 961 167 to book or email