West Tamar Fungi

West Tamar Fungi

Mushroom Farm + Market Stall Launceston

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An urban farm specialising in the whole mushroom growing cycle of agar cultures, grain spawn, fruiting bags and fresh mushrooms.

We started our Urban Farm in 2018 where we set up a small specialised grow shed to grow Gourmet Mushrooms. Our aim was to provide the community and restaurants with the freshest local mushrooms and you can grow a decent amount in a small space. Tims background in Biology and Chemistry has helped setup the equipment to produce a variety of grow bags and grain spawn including Oyster, Lion’s Mane, King Oyster Shiitake, Nameko, Pioppino, Flamecaps, Black Oyster and more.

We grow each variety to meet the demands of the restaurants and local community. We pride ourselves in delivering the highest quality produce and are happy to share our knowledge to get others growing these delicious fungi at home.

We are now approved to import our own mushroom cultures and can supply locally made Grainspawn that is 100% guaranteed.

We are now at Launceston Harvest Market every Saturday morning 0830 – 1230 and would love to see you there.

Thanks for supporting our small family business.