The Food + Beverage Collective

The Food + Beverage Collective

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Bespoke Tasmanian feasts + street food markets for conference dinners + corporate events.

The Food + Beverage Collective specialises in bespoke Tasmanian experiences for conference dinners and corporate events. We work with a network of exceptional producers who hand craft small batch beverages and artisanal, slow food. Together, we create exciting, authentic events that leap beyond traditional catering.

The Food + Beverage Collective is owned and operated by Peattie Events, the same team behind Hobart institutions Street Eats @ Franko and Farm Gate Market.


We celebrate our temperate island, 42 degrees south of the equator.  Our dishes reflect the ever-changing array of seasonal produce and Tasmania’s adventurous food scene. 

We offer two EATS packages:

Street Food Market
Guests are met with the enticing aromas of local flavours and international cuisines in an energetic and vibrant street food market venue. Colourful stalls line the space with our Producers prepping and plating in front of guests who can peruse menus and sample unique dishes as they move through this vivid scene.

Long Table Shared Feasts
Guests are greeted with the fire light, warmth and smells of slow coal roasted Tasmanian meats alongside whole pumpkins, potatoes and leeks. Seated at long tables, guests serve themselves entrées and mains from ornate silver platters, eating with burnished gold cutlery in an exclusive yet convivial atmosphere. The final flourish …. adorned grazing tables appear inviting guests to help themselves to the luxurious display of locally made patisserie and Tasmanian cheeses.


We source and serve exclusively Tasmanian beverages, working with Producers that specialise in small batch, cold climate production. 

We offer two DRINKS packages:

Craft Brews + Cold Climate Wines
Working with local craft brewers, cideries and small vineyards, we curate a drinks menu that celebrates our daring and diverse industry here in Tasmania. Small batch non-alcoholic drinks and locally roasted espresso coffee complete the package.

Tasmania has officially become globally recognised as a destination of excellence for premium whiskey and gin and we salute this with our spirit package. Guests are greeted with a gin + pepperberry tonic on arrival. And as fine gin deserves fine tonic, we work with a local boutique tonic company that complements our unique landscape. At the close of the meal guests are invited to make their way to the whiskey bar which arrives during dessert and cheese. The Head Distiller is on hand for tastings and discussions about the whiskey which is served neat or on the rocks in cut glass tumblers.