Mother India

Mother India

Indian Restaurant Hobart

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We Create Authentic Indian Food using Fresh, Local Tasmanian Produce for the Residents and Visitors of Hobart.

We specialize in the legendary and mouthwatering Indian food dishes of North India. Our careful preparation makes our food beautiful to behold and addictive to the palate.

Welcome to MOTHER INDIA- AUTHENTIC INDIAN RESTAURANT located in the beautiful city HOBART. We trust that you will enjoy a truly unique and memorable dining experience whilst indulging yourself in the real taste of fine Indian cuisine.

India is a vast country with a rich heritage as reflected in its various people, cultures and cuisine. We, at MOTHER INDIA, have chosen to present some of the more characteristic, yet legendary dishes from North India. These internationally renowned dishes trace their origin from the invading Mughals. Our food with its Tandoori Kebabs, kormas and other sumptuous delicacies is complemented with Naan breads and Basmati rice (Basmati rice is the king of all rice grown only in the Punjab). The common word ‘CURRY’ is a British adaptation of the TAMIL word ‘KARI’- meaning in effect a seasoned sauce and must never be applied to identify Indian cuisine as a whole.

5000 years ago, the Himalayan sages conceived the use of spices and herbs as a natural means to balance the metabolism of the body. This knowledge became the corner stone of the Ayurvedic ‘Science of Medicine’. It is the variety and combination of these spices that nourishes both the body and soul – an experience to cherish.

“TANDOOR” – A Timeless Tradition
Villages in North India traditionally use mud stoves (Chullhas) and clay ovens to cook their food. One such oven is the Tandoor which is shaped like a barrel and fired by charcoal. The food, prepared first in a special marinade, is spiked on long metal rods and then cooked in the Tandoor.

MOTHER India’s preparation makes our food beautiful to behold and addictive to the palate.

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