Cambridge House

Cambridge House

B & B + Japanese Restaurant Geeveston

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Gourmet B&B | Circa 1870 | Opened Nov. 2021 | Destination Dining by a solo Japanese Chef Kazumasa | 5 rooms, 10 seats | Victorian-Ryokan | Huon Valley

Tucked amidst the sprawling greenery of Geeveston, Cambridge House is a historic Victorian home that has been transformed into a quaint and restful retreat. Guests will be pleasantly surprised to see the well-preserved exterior hiding a contrasting ryokan-style Japanese interior.

With a history dating back to 1870, Cambridge House is one of Geeveston’s oldest house establishments, featuring 5 charming accommodations, and located less than an hour from Hobart in the centre of the Huon Valley, a perfect base to explore the southwest of Hobart and Hartz Mountains National Park.

On top of being a peaceful retreat, Cambridge House is a destination worth travelling to, even if it is only for a sublime meal. Chef Kazumasa Yazawa skillfully incorporates Tasmanian produce into his Omakase. We believe to deliver a unique dining, drink and stay experience that is found nowhere else in Tasmania.

We include in the tariff our signature breakfast “Shio Seasonal breakfast”, Welcome drinks, In-room teas-coffees, Options: House-signature Japanese afternoon Tea or Sake set or Whisky set ( 15.30-16.30) by the river where you can enjoy delicately-made treats, while watching the platypus play in the water, Free Minibar (Alcoholic beverage / Non alcoholic beverage / Chocolates / Snacks etc…).

Our little gem also lies next to the Kermandie River, where oftentimes adorable platypuses can be spotted splashing about playfully.

Experience an exceptional breakfast where Chef Kazumasa’s culinary skills blend seamlessly with our genuine hospitality, creating a memorable dining experience. Our breakfast embodies the modern interpretation of Kaiseki, the art of Japanese multi-course meals that embraces seasonal ingredients.

Awaken to a morning journey with our Shio seasonal breakfast main course, ‘the Yakizakana’ (Japanese-style grilled fish dish of the day). Watch Chef Kazumasa expertly grill our house-cured Tasmanian ocean trout, infusing it with captivating flavors. Savor the perfectly grilled trout on our chef’s table, relishing its tender texture and delicate flavors.

Indulge in a symphony of diverse flavors as you enjoy the accompaniments of Japanese traditional rice Donabe and an assortment of side dishes, including our house-pickled creations.

At Cambridge House, we pride ourselves on offering a unique breakfast experience. During your stay, we curate a new menu each day, ensuring that you have a fresh and exciting dining experience every morning.

Immerse yourself in our chef’s culinary expertise and genuine hospitality as you embark on this exceptional breakfast experience.

Discover the joy of awakening to a breakfast that harmonizes simplicity, flavor, and the essence of Kaiseki tradition. Every element is meticulously prepared for your enjoyment, ensuring a delightful and satisfying start to your day.