Boston Cream Pie & Co

Boston Cream Pie & Co

Dessert Shop, Launceston

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Dessert Shop, Launceston

🍰Not A Cupcake. Not A Muffin. Baked, Not Fried! 🤩

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Boston cream Pie and Co, celebrates comfort food and good times.

We love good food, and when we want to feel good, we normally grab a Burger, Pizza, BBQ ribs, Cheesy potato bake, Crispy chicken wings, sausage sizzle, and always try to support local Tassie businesses.

Launceston has great people, amazing produce and a sense of community, which you can see and taste if you go to any of the local markets.

Boston Cream Pie’s long-term goal is to be able to give back to the local community of Launceston, by helping put a smile back on the face of vulnerable children, on their birthdays.

 So, a big thank you goes out from Boston Cream Pie, to our awesome customers and loyal supporters who are making a difference in Launceston.