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Wines of Tasmania

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Exceptional. Rare. Select. Hard-to-find. Limited edition. Discovering the best wine from the best producers in Tassie.

Supports local Tasmanian wine brands who own grow and make exceptional wine.

Blind-tasted by a panel, we hand-pick rare and hard-to-find wines and deliver them to your door.

Wines of Tasmania was founded by a group of passionate Tasmanian wine families. Their motivation was, and always will be, to ensure wine lovers have access to the very best Tasmanian wines.

The collaboration was conceived during the COVID-19 pandemic when Tasmania’s border was shut and the cellar door experience ceased overnight. They wanted to find a way to tell the stories of the people in our industry, as though you were stopping by their cellar door on your road trip around Tasmania: to meet the owners; to learn about their wines; and to taste a selection of exceptional quality wines as you sit back, relax and appreciate the moment.

If you’ve ever met a Tasmanian, you’ll know they’re a proud lot. They’re tough too, and determined. They might be from a tiny island at the bottom of Australia (the earth, really) but that makes them even more ambitious to make a mark and show the world that size does matter. And small is good. Tasmania’s climate is like no other wine region in Australia which creates a fresh and rich uniqueness in the wines that’s like nothing else you’ve tasted.

As a subscriber of Wines of Tasmania you’ll soon discover the burgeoning industry of amazing, well-established and talented winemakers and producers who are punching well above their tiny island weight to produce some of the world’s best cool climate wines.

Each month we find a new selection of premium, hard-to-find and rare Tasmanian wines. Subscribers choose from red, white, sparkling or mixed boxes and each month, (or less frequently if desired) a new and exciting selection is shipped.

Each bottle has been blind-tasted by a panel of experts to ensure only the finest wine makes it into the box. A subscription to Wines of Tasmania is like a luxury road trip, driving around the beautiful wine regions of Tasmania, stopping in at every cellar door, to sample the best.

Wines of Tasmania is locally owned and operated by Wines of Tasmania Families Pty Ltd.