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Home-made artisan products, made with care in the Meander Valley, Tasmania. We also have on-farm, luxury accomodation.

Shelduck Farm is a working farm in the heart of the Meander Valley, Tasmania. It was once a family owned dairy farm and then sold and planted with blue gum trees for harvesting.

Sally and Rob McCreath now run Shelduck Farm which produces premium grass-fed beef as well as a range of traditional home-made baked goods. Guests are welcomed to the farm to enjoy bespoke food experiences and to stay in the boutique accommodation.

Shelduck Farm Oatcakes began with a love story. It’s a long story in which an old oatcake recipe traversed the world, from Scotland to Queensland to Tasmania. In 2021, Sally decided to dust off the recipe and build on it to create her range of Shelduck Farm Oatcakes.

History tells us that when Scottish clans were traveling they would carry a sack of oatmeal and a tin plate. The oatmeal would be mixed with some water, flattened out on the plate and sat on the fire to cook. Oatcake!

Shelduck Farm Oatcakes began with the Original (albeit slightly more sophisticated than those from history!), before Sally began experimenting with produce from her garden. She now offers Original, Tasmanian Native Pepperberry, and Rosemary Oatcakes.

Sally makes the Oatcakes in her farmhouse kitchen in the beautiful Meander Valley, which are then sold throughout Tasmania and the rest of Australia.

Our oatcakes have received medals at the Tasmanian Fine Food Awards in 2021 and 2022. Taste them to find out why.

Sally and Rob have always been interested in food, the production of it and sharing their passion through paddock to plate experiences.

Where to find us

In addition to our regular markets and stockists, we ship across Australia. Please get in touch if you’d like to purchase our oatcakes – we would love to share them with you.