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Riddle Me Adventures

Mystery Picnic Tour Experience Hobart

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See the real Tasmania with a mystery picnic tour experience!

Tour Tasmania in a new way. A mystery picnic experience helps you see the special stuff and create joyful experiences at the most fun and tucked-away places in Tasmania. We create amazing mystery picnics for couples, small groups of friends and families near Hobart.

What are mystery picnics?

Tasmanian locals know all the best spots, the hidden gems and the nicest places to visit in Tassie. Riddle Me Adventures collects up all that juicy local knowledge and builds it into tailored mystery picnic tours with heaps of fun and incredible food along the way!

We’ve done the research and leg work for you — you get to go on tour, get treated like the local business supporting legend that you are and have a great time to boot! Ripper.

Solve riddles to reveal your next tour destination and collect delicious food from local Tasmanian eateries along the way. Once you’ve stopped at all your destinations, adding treats to your canvas bag, spread out your new picnic mat and indulge in your picnic at your final mystery destination. Your mystery tour will take you to around 6 or so stops along the way. Are you ready to tour Tasmania in a new way?


Our mystery picnic tours are riddle/puzzle based – we’ll give you a series of riddles & clues (don’t worry you can skip them if you want) to help connect up the dots from one tour stop to another. As you drive between locations, you’ll have a few little brain teasers to solve and a little local trivia.


Each location has been carefully picked and put in order so you get a bespoke tour in the privacy of your own car with your loved ones. You’ll be welcomed in, and each stop has something fun to do, or a little treat to pop into your RMA canvas swag bag.