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Range Tasmania award winning products are handmade by people who love good food in a kitchen – not by machines in a factory.

Range Tasmania is the result of a desire to produce delicious food with a focus on natural ingredients and avoidance of unnecessary additives.

Range Tasmania products are the evolution of 22 years of living, farming and cooking at Cackleberry Farm overlooking Bruny Island and the beautiful D’Entrecasteaux Channel in Southern Tasmania.

Our products are 100% made in Tasmania, by hand, and in small batches. 

Here at Range TASMANIA we are passionate about taking the finest ingredients, that we have either grown here on our farm or have sourced from select suppliers, which we then cook by hand in small batches to create products of which we are proud.  Using only the best and freshest ingredients means that our products require minimal processing without unnecessary additives. 

Range TASMANIA products are prepared and cooked in a kitchen by people, not manufactured in a factory using highly processed ingredients. 

More information about who we are and our story can be found here.

Some of our products are determined by the freshness and seasonal availability of key ingredients, and as such, certain items may not always be available throughout the year. 

We are regularly trialing and creating new products, many of which will be available exclusively to our online customers.

A range of Gift Boxes along with options of building your own Gift Box are now available in our Online Store