Punch & Ladle

Punch & Ladle

Vintage Cocktail Caravan Bar Tasmania

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Punch & Ladle are focused on providing quality and thoughtful bottled cocktails and soda’s, events, industry level trainings and consulting. Sourced, produced and made with the best that Tasmania has to offer.

Tasmanian & hand crafted Punch & Ladle are focused on providing quality cocktails for whether at home or in a bar. Traditionally this can often have several barriers due to the production process, preparation time and the potential of having multiple ingredients in order to make a single drink.​

Punch & Ladle aims to eliminate these barriers for bars, the daily drink slingers at home and those attending events.

Rohan, Khayla & Campbell, with over 35 years hospitality industry experience collectively, Rohan and Khayla Massie and Campbell Nicol pay homage to the fast-paced hospitality industry and their love for Tasmanian small businesses, suppliers and produce through Punch & Ladle.

Weddings, Parties, Pop Ups, Festivals

What ever the occasion, Punch & Ladle along with their experienced bartenders can make your party experience unforgettable.

Cocktail Caravan or Full Bar Set Up along with our beverage catering services we can offer you;

– Bottled Cocktail Range

– Curated Cocktail List – supporting local producers

– Tasmanian Wine & Beer List

– Equipment Hire

– Cocktail Glassware Hire

– Experienced Bartenders

A stress free party experience. What more could you ask for?

• Tasmanian Bottled Cocktails & Soda’s
• Events & Beverage Catering
• Vintage Cocktail Caravan Bar