Pomme Tasmanian Cider

Pomme Tasmanian Cider

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Wild Tasmanian cider, inspired by traditional French methods and ethos.
🍎 minimal intervention, additive free, natural cider 🍐

At Pomme, our philosophy stems from the simple principle that the fruit should come first. 

For us, the French word ‘pomme’ (apple) captures our passion for producing fruit-forward, minimal intervention ciders that draw inspiration from traditional French techniques without being bound by them.

We source 100% locally grown fruit from Tasmanian farmers with the goal of producing a cider that whole-heartedly reflects the land and people that contribute to it.

Our fermentation embraces the unique wild yeast and bacteria that are naturally present in the orchards and on the fruit. We believe they are the key to producing some magical flavours and aromas that can’t be replicated anywhere else in the world.

We’re excited to share our cider with you, 

Oliver & Martha Cook