Plenty Cider

Plenty Cider

Cider Distillery Plenty, Derwent Valley

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Plenty Original cider is made from 100% Tasmanian apples. Small batches are carefully blended and matured in oak to create a refreshing, silky smooth cider. Peel back the layers to taste what Plenty is all about. 

HANDCRAFTED TASMANIAN CIDER From atop snow covered mountains the purest of water makes its way down the Plenty River through Tasmania’s pristine Derwent Valley. The township of Plenty lies at the heart of the Valley and that’s where we produce full flavoured ciders using premium fruits from the area.

Tasmania’s freshest cider company. Family owned and handcrafted in the picturesque Plenty, Derwent Valley. Unique and traditional #tassiestyle ciders made from locally sourced premium fruit.

Clean air, pure water + a long ripening season create the perfect environment for the primary producers of Tasmania to grow world-class fruit(s). Plenty sources the majority of its fruit from the Derwent Valley + the entirety from Southern Tasmania. Crafting from high quality, locally sourced seasonal produce has allowed cider-maker Adam to create a fresh, fruit driven and complex range. 

All Plenty products carry the Cider Australia ‘trust mark’. This mark indicates that Plenty cider is made from 100% Australian grown fruit + through purchasing our cider you are supporting Australian fruit growers and regional communities. 

Family is a major part of who we are. Whilst our location blesses us with the perfect conditions to craft cider – our family members have called Plenty home for over 30 years. Being family owned allows us to impart our refreshing outlook on life into the ciders we create + have full control over the creative process. This allows us to create a range which is innovative and charismatic. 

The Derwent Valley is an expansive corner of Tasmania. Agriculture is a prime driver for most of the people who inhabit the evergreen lush countryside. A huge range of fresh fruits are grown in abundance, with Australia’s most renowned growers having productive properties in the area. Tourism offerings in the region are in abundance and visitor numbers are blooming, with visitors to our state choosing to make this wild destination their first choice. Our labels pay homage to the colours of the Valley.