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Meadowbank Wines

Vineyard Derwent Valley

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Established in 1976, Meadowbank is one of Tasmania’s oldest vineyards. With three generations of vignerons now living on the farm, we’re very passionate about creating a lasting legacy for our families.

High in Tasmania’s Derwent Valley, hidden at the end of a winding dirt road, lies a place that is shimmering with life. Playing witness each year to a dance-like ritual between warm days and cool nights, Meadowbank produces fruit of a near ethereal quality – a quality that almost never was.

For when Gerald Ellis started planting vines on his sheep farm in ’76, conventional wisdom said you couldn’t grow grapes in the cold wilds of Tasmania. Too wild, too unpredictable, too ‘at the edge of the world’ – “it can’t be done“. They would have been right, except for the fact that he did.

Through farming intuition, and the odd sprinkling of luck, Meadowbank is now regarded as a Tasmanian pioneer and iconic grower of wine. It is reward for the intuitive defiance in those earliest of days, and a legacy nurtured forward by the principles of stewardshipfamily, and fun.

And so we jump back to the future, as Gerald’s daughter, Mardi Ellis, carries the torch as a custodian of Meadowbank for future generations under the watchful and loving eyes of her parents, Gerald and Sue. Add to this the arrival of celebrated winemaker, Peter Dredge – part artist, part scientist, total legend – and the best of our vineyard now finds its way into the wines that bear the Meadowbank name.

‘We believe wine should be fun, accessible and a platform for friendships. That’s why we champion real, homegrown greatness!’

– The Ellis Family

Experience Meadowbank

Hidden at the end of a winding dirt road and down an old set of stairs, lies a story.

A story of defiance and intuition, stewardship and joy. Written in wine, it whispers of people, place, seasons and adventures still to come.

It is a story worth sharing… over a few open bottles, of course.

And so, we invite you to join us on a journey of discovery and the ultimate Meadowbank experience – the Meadowbank Long Lunch.

Held each month (and additionally on-demand), the Meadowbank family will personally host an exploration in to what it took to be a pioneer in Tasmania; and where that defiance may one day take us all.

Immerse yourself in all that Meadowbank has to offer – a hidden vineyard set on the beautiful banks of the Derwent River, an historic homestead complete with private underground cellar, and the famous hospitality and generosity of the Ellis family. It will be an experience like no other.

Indulge yourself…

Our Meadowbank Long Lunch is designed to be an intimate gathering and is available for a maximum of 12 people. Book a single ticket for yourself, or get together with a group of friends.

Your ticket includes:

  • Vineyard walk and exploration with a member of the Meadowbank family;
  • In-depth Meadowbank wine tasting (but not where you may expect);
  • Sneak-peak and sample from our 150-year-old private cellar (home to 40+ years of Meadowbank vintages);
  • A seasonal and sumptuous Meadowbank-style feast, on a long table, accompanied by more wine.

A long and wonderful afternoon of pure indulgence, we welcome you in to our family and our home with open arms.