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LILLY TREWARTHA EVENTS offers personalised dining experiences that celebrate fresh, local ingredients and highlights the stories of small, independent producers, allowing guests to connect with the world around them through exceptional produce. 

Lilly Trewartha has spent the last 12 years immersed in her career as a chef, driven by a curiosity of the diversity of global food cultures and experiences. 

She’s spent time working in restaurants, private homes and luxury accommodations across Europe and Australia, before returning to her home state of Tasmania where her passion and appreciation for produce, food and cooking began. 

Most recently, Lilly has spent time cooking in the kitchens of Franklin (TAS), Peg (London), Dier Makr (TAS) and co-created 6 month pop-up, Izakaya Temporary, inspired by her time in Japan. 

Lilly also regularly consults to like-minded brands and organisations such as Trade Tasmania, Shima Wasabi and Pyengana Dairy to develop high quality food content and recipes.

In 2012, Lilly’s had a lucky introduction to one of Tasmania’s most celebrated chefs – Luke Burgess. Lilly began to work under the guidance of Luke and fellow chef Will Gleave (now of Bright and P.Franco in London) at the unforgettable Garagistes restaurant in Hobart. 

Working with Luke and Will in the kitchen cemented Lilly’s appreciation and respect for exceptional, fresh produce, seasonality and a curious approach to cooking, drawing inspiration from across the world to create their dishes. Lilly has often reunited with her mentors over the years to open new venues, create pop-ups and host private gatherings where these values around produce are always the centre point of the dining experience. 

Lilly was lucky enough to grow up in Southern Tasmania, a region now widely celebrated for its incredible produce and a lifestyle built around appreciating the bounty of nature. Long before the lifestyle had a cult following, Lilly spent her days fishing for flathead with her Dad along the Channel and helping her Mum grow vegetables in their extensive gardens. Growing up around this abundance instilled a deep love of food and an appreciation for fresh, locally grown produce that from an early age, shaped her values around cooking.

These foundations sing through in Lilly’s approach to food and cooking today and drawing on the wealth of her experiences from across the globe and unique local knowledge, she seeks to create exceptional one off events, tailored specifically to each unique occasion.

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