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L’appel Wines


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Wine farmed on Tasmania/lutruwita.

the story so far…

Conversations, usually over a glass of wine with growers, bartenders, farmers, chefs and other creative lunatics led to the formation of the L’appel Wines project in 2021.

L’appel ‘the calling’ is a nod to these people and the chance meetings and circumstances that have led me to my vocation.

As a viticulturist in Southern Tasmania, the wines provide a creative response to what I see in the vineyard. What is gleaned from the seasons eventually ends up in bottle and represents the fun and frivolity of another vintage.

The wines are intended to be unpretentious in nature, with playfulness, energy and have solid drinkability.

It is the search for what makes people smile when they taste our wines that shapes our process and philosophy in the vineyard and the winery.

These are wines made with friends, in a tiny winery, with a lot of love, and are to be enjoyed by you wherever the hell you want.

We hope you love them as much as we do.