Huski Greens

Huski Greens

Urban Farm, Sorell + FarmGate Market Hobart

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At Huski Greens, we’re all about loving local!

Huski Greens is a small Market Garden that uses organic growing methods to produce Micro Greens, Herbs and Veggies for their local community.

Huski Greens are Mac + Oli: they farm a small market garden near Sorell that uses organic growing methods to produce micro greens, herbs and heirloom root veggies.

Every Saturday, we deliver our Veg Boxes to our beautiful customers in Hobart and every Sunday you’ll find us at Farm Gate Market chatting with our customers and selling our produce.

We packed up everything (including our green house!) and moved to Tassie in 2018 to escape the grind of inner Sydney living. Since then, we’ve built up our micro greens business and expanded into a market garden at our rented property in Sorell.

We strongly live by our values of reducing food kilometres and focus on supplying our local community with fresh, chemical free produce.

We believe in the power of community and the importance of knowing your farmer and where your food comes from.

Our operation is small-scale to ensure a high quality product and to help maintain a local sustainable food culture.

Honest to Goodness Produce

We grow chemical-free vegetables and micro greens on our small market garden in Southern Tasmania for local farmers markets, home delivery and wholesale.

We focus on biodiversity within our crop selection and do not till our soil to help improve and maintain the health of the soil.

We proudly do not use any harmful chemicals or pesticides and believe in realorganic growing techniques. All of our packaging is 100% compostable and we are working towards a zero-waste operation.

Veg Box

Our Veg Boxes are a yummy selection of seasonal, chemical-free produce that will be delivered direct to your door every Saturday! If you subscribe to our mailing list below, we will send you an order form each week. There is no commitment to order each week.

The Farm

Huski Greens is a small urban farm located in Sorell, Tasmania that grows healthy and nutritious produce using realorganic growing techniques.

All of our produce is 100% Tasmanian grown, chemical free, nutrient dense and is all wrapped up in 100% compostable packaging.

Where possible we source our seeds from Tasmanian suppliers, however this is not always possible and we need to buy seeds from interstate or very rarely overseas.

Our main product is Micro Greens, which are teensy-tiny young herbs and veggies grown to just before their true leaf.

Keep it Local

Our operation is small-scale to ensure a high quality product and to help maintain a sustainable local food culture. We plan to stay small and stay local to supply our local community.

Our produce is unaltered and unadulterated by harmful chemicals during any stage of the growing, harvesting, storing or packaging processes.

Every part of our operation has the environment sustainability in mind – from our crop selection and farming practices to our packaging and local supply ethos.

We want to stay connected to our community and share our sustainable farming ideas with visitors or anyone who will listen!

We want to stay connected to our local community by sharing our unique produce & farming ethos to encourage others to care about their food and environment as much as we do.

Love Your Planet

We are very aware of our environmental impact and are working towards a zero waste operation.

  • All of our packaging is 100% compostable.
  • All of our growing trays are made of thick plastic so will last longer.
  • All of our deliveries are done in reusable plastic boxes, with no single use plastic packaging.
  • Any single use plastic waste that gets delivered to us, is taken to a soft plastic recycle bin.
  • Eventually we will have a closed loop farming system, where all soil fertility is produced on the land by composting, mob grazing and by the use of regenerative farming practices.