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Bream Creek Dairy

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Break Creek Dairy is located on Tasmania’s south east coast on a farm called Stroud, home to us – three generations of the Bignell Family.

John Bignell was twenty when he bought seventy acres at Bream Creek. On that pocket of land, he nurtured and milked twelve cows and sold his milk to Baker’s Milk in Lenah Valley, Hobart. He and his wife Kay were able to build a new dairy and acquire ten small farms to add to the Stroud Dairy landholdings.

Today, we live and work off 2000 acres of land and a milking herd of 800 carefully bred Friesian cows. The farm supports our three families – six adults and six children, as well as eight farm employees from surrounding districts.

The launch of Bream Creek Dairy milk in late October 2018 was an important leap towards the diversification and autonomy of our traditional farming business. We went on to perfect and produce four varieties of fine artisan cheese and soon launched our ‘Stroud by Bream Creek Dairy’ fine wines.

The development of the Bream Creek Dairy brand has been an important and exciting chapter in our farming history. All our products are recognized on the local market as fine examples of locally made, family owned produce, with values and standards you can taste. Bream Creek Dairy is proud to be an active contributor to many local events and activities including the famous Bream Creek Show, the Bream Creek Farmer’s Market and the Falls Festival.

The farm also supplies milk to other small artisan dairy operations and businesses, including Wicked Cheese, Coal River Farm, Bruny Island Cheese and Hobart Milk. In every aspect of their new business venture they have called upon the services of other locally owned and operated businesses, thereby wholeheartedly supporting local innovation and enterprise.

Bream Creek Dairy hopes you enjoy their premium quality milk, cheese and wine, the result of years of experience, care, passion and very, very hard work.


Our milking herd of 800 Holstein Friesian cows represent some sixty years of careful breeding, designed to maintain a gentle-natured herd with premium milk quality. They live contentedly with their small drove of specially selected bulls on a combination of dryland and irrigated pasture, which is improved daily by an irrigation and fertilisation system that recycles the cow manure. Our girls are milked twice daily and fed a high-nutrient diet developed in partnership with veterinary scientists to ensure healthy, happy cows and top quality, great tasting milk.