A Pinch of Tasmania

A Pinch of Tasmania

Salts, Spices & Wild Food

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A Pinch of Tasmania is a gourmet food business that produces artisanal (handcrafted) flavour infused.

A Pinch of Tasmania is a small artisanal food business that has evolved from a lifelong love of creating unique (and slightly quirky) food as well as a passion for locally produced Tasmanian produce. After moving back to Tassie from Sydney a couple of years ago I (Robyn) bought a house on the river, got a dog, and settled in. After leaving the hustle and bustle I wanted to do something that came from the heart and fed my soul. So A Pinch of Tasmania was born. 

Products created with passion

It started with testing my own favourite flavoured finishing salts with my guinea pigs (I mean family and friends). From there I created a whole new range by letting the imagination wander and putting a pinch of this and a pinch of that together to see what would happen. From salts, I moved on to complementary product ranges – gourmet spice blends, wild foods, and popcorn seasonings. 

and we’re just getting started…

The team is constantly experimenting, researching and developing new products to expand and compliment our range. You can be assured we pick the very best ingredients so you can be assured of the quality. There can be no compromises when it comes to taste, freshness, and sustainability. We pride ourselves on using no less than 90% (most often 100%) locally sourced Tasmanian ingredients.