Three Friends Abalone

Three Friends Abalone

Tasmanian Abalone, Stanley

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Producers of high quality Tasmanian black lip abalone.

Three Friends Abalone is produced in Stanley, in the far north west of Tasmania, Australia. Three Friends is the result of three Australian guys with a passion for abalone who went out on their own to produce a high quality product as the last owner operators in Australia. They took on a challenge, to turn barely operational infrastructure into a clean, sustainable, free-flowing environment, bringing pristine cool southern ocean waters in to nourish delicious Tasmanian abalone.

Tasmanian abalone grow in the cool pristine water of the southern ocean on the wild west coast of Tasmania, Australia, where the cleanest air in the world and the cold crisp water straight from Antarctica produce the highest quality abalone in the world. 

Individual abalone are nurtured though gentle handling and careful cleaning before being selectively harvested at just the right time. Three Friends Abalone are packaged in cans and pouches.