The Bruny Baker

The Bruny Baker

Bakery Roadside Stall + Sourdough Class Bruny Island

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The Bruny Baker is a cute little roadside stall on Bruny Island offering freshly baked sourdough for passers-by. Drop your cash in the honesty box, pick up a fresh loaf and enjoy a picnic breakfast on the beach.

All you need to do is find his honesty box on the corner of Sheepwash Road and Bruny Island Main Road. You can’t miss it – John fires his brick oven daily and stores all his bread in a couple of old fridges. You never really know what you’re going to get but generally there is a good selection of wood-fired sourdough breads. It’s an honesty system so have some coins handy and grab a loaf.

Sourdough Class with the Bruny Baker

We will make bread dough, discuss grains, seeds, flour types, hydration, salt and the importance of weights and measures. 
You will learn how to make and maintain a sour dough starter. 
You will learn to shape loaves ready for baking and set them aside in bannetons. We stretch and fold dough, discuss auto laise and the chemical processes at play.  
Then you will learn how to use a lune to cut loaves and peel loaves into the oven. We look at the relationship between temp, hydration, time and yeast activity. 
You will learn how to use a cast iron camp oven to bake great bread at home in your gas or electric oven. 
We will discuss brick oven construction, lighting the fire, wood types, length of burn, hazards etc. After removing the bread from the oven we will enjoy a morning tea of fresh bread with seasonal toppings like fresh herbs , and butter and jam with good coffee and tea. 
Wrap your loaf to take home.

Learn to bake with The Bruny Baker @sheepwashbay bookings at: 0430439269 or