Tasmanian Organic Coffee Co

Tasmanian Organic Coffee Co

Organic Coffee Food Stall Northern Tasmania

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Tasmanian Organic Coffee Co roasts a beautiful selection of shade grown permaculture coffees imported directly from small farmer cooperatives in Nepal and Sumatra.

The limited production of these small cooperatives guarantees a coffee journey to tasting great certified organic single origins, whenever their harvest is seasonally available throughout the year.

Check our facebook page to find us at local Tassie markets and retail stores.

There is no point being sustainable if nobody can afford it, right?

  • That’s why we averaged the supermarket prices for certified organic coffee as our retail price, because supporting our community by keeping our product affordable for the locals is the first step in resilience.

Coffee packaging

  • Secondly, there is no point putting organic coffee into a plastic bag or using a finite resource like gas for the roasting process. Because it pretty much jeopardizes the meaning of organic if plastic and fossil fuels and all the side effects from its consumption are passed on to the environment and future generations.
  • It is confusing for the environmentally conscious consumer to know what the environmental consequences are between compostable, biodegradable or recyclable packaging and whether these claims on bags are valid subject to industrial conditions… that is why we use home compostable packaging  which are made from corn starch and which disappear into the environment (into their elemental constituents) under normal home composting conditions subject to moisture, heat and microbial activity.

Solar powered coffee roaster

  • We received some crowd funding and used that to part finance an electric fluid bed air roaster. I have heavily modified this roaster to recycle its exhaust heat for pre-heating the incoming air by using a self fabricated heat exchanger. And all electricity used at the roastery and packing facility comes from 35kw of solar panels (when there is sun) or on a rainy day its powered by 10mw of hydro power from devils gate dam (supplying the local grid).

Roasting and packing facility

  • We are situated in an old shed on an organic farm which we’ve converted into our commercial grade and controlled environment coffee processing facility. The local scrap yard, gumtree and sheet metal manufacturers have been a great resource for fitting out our roastery with stainless steel benches and processing equipment, which we have been able to up-cycle and reuse.


  • All our online content is powered by renewable wind energy and is carbon neutral. 100% of emissions generated for every aspect of our hosting provider including the daily operation and maintenance of servers, routers and air conditioners, is subject to quarterly carbon footprint estimates and carbon credit compensation purchases.


  • Our daily business and personal vehicle is an old refurbished Nissan leaf which is a fully electric car.
  • Restoring a 60 year old land rover that we found in a paddock and converting it into an off grid coffee van has been a bit of a process. But by reusing existing vehcles instead of buying new we can reduce the embodied energy from manufacturing and help transition into a more sustainable economy.