Paradise Tea House

Paradise Tea House

Tea House Mt. Roland

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Opening 2024!

Enjoy a magical blend of gourmet tea tasting and tranquility of nature 🍵
  • Relax with tea and snacks – Brew some tea yourself! Or we can brew it for you if you prefer
  • Gourmet tea tasting with rare and unique teas
  • Tea ceremonies and events
  • Peaceful setting to get grounded, de-stress and re-energize
  • Outstanding scenery and views – perfect for photos!
  • Close proximity to Mt. Roland
  • Some teas are available now and can be ordered online: Tea Shop.
  • Tea Tasting events and ceremonies can be booked online: Book a Tea Tasting Event.
  • Or visit us a the Penguin market every Sunday for tea tasting ceremonies and tea sales. Room 9
The Paradise Tea House is a dream come true for local entrepreneur Peter Wescombe

Peter Wescombe is an international tea trader and recognized tea connoisseur. His wholesale tea company, Zi Chun Tea he has been selling premium teas to specialty tea shops, tea bars and other tea industry outlets in over 15 countries worldwide since 2010. Peter lived in Asia for many years where had the privilege of learning the art of the Chinese tea culture from some highly regarded tea masters and experts. As a result, he has developed a rich understanding and appreciation of gourmet specialty teas. He has also recently expanded his expertise to include connections with Japan and India teas experts and tea growers. Peter has 100s of different teas and loves discovering and enjoying new teas and sharing his passion with others!

Being a Tassie original, he eventually returned to Tasmania in January 2019, and settled on a beautiful property overlooking Mr Roland in Paradise, on the Northwest Coast. He is keen to introduce the unique blend of specialty teas and the tranquility of nature to both locals, as well as visitors. 

Heres’ how Peter explains the conception of Paradise Tea House “Since being back in Tassie, I’ve continued to manage my wholesale international business, but I’ve found myself thinking more and more about what I can do locally to introduce tea in a unique way that others could experience and enjoy it.  This, along with my love for nature and an appreciation for natural health and wellness, eventually led me to create the Paradise Tea House – a magical combination of nature’s awesome energy and a beautiful tea vibe”

What is a Tea Tasting Event?

You’ve probably enjoyed a wine tasting event, right? Well tea tasting is somewhat similar. Different premium grade teas are presented and discussed, then brewed, tasted and enjoyed. The event is loosely structured after a Chinese Tea Ceremony style, using different tea sets and brewing techniques. Its informal, fun and a wonderful learning experience! The teas introduced are all high end, premium grade teas – coming direct from small family owned tea gardens.

To enquire or make a booking for a Tea Tasting event,  feel free to contact Peter via phone or email