Norfolk Bay Gourmet Seafoods

Norfolk Bay Gourmet Seafoods

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Norfolk Bay Gourmet Seafoods is a Tasmanian fishing, farming & seafood value adding business.

The main products produced are 6 different flavoured ready to eat smoked mussel products, Tasmanian pickled octopus & antipasto varieties.Also a producer and supplier of Tasmanian fresh & frozen seafoodAll our seafood products are organically grown and gluten free. 

A big chunk of Australia has even better seafood entertaining options now with the introduction of our Norfolk Bay Chilli Wood Smoked Mussels into Coles Supermarkets in NSW, ACT, QLD, SA AND NT!

Natural Wood Smoked Mussels

New Zealand Green-lip Mussels are internationally recognised as one of the most sustainable seafood products in the world. Our Natural Wood Smoked Mussels are plump, smoky and sweet.

Garlic Wood Smoked Mussels

Our Mussels are hot smoked with European beechwood chips then drizzled in premium quality Tasmanian grown GM-free cold-pressed canola oil, infused with natural garlic.

Chilli Wood Smoked Mussels 

Delicious Smoked Mussels marinated in a mildly spiced, well balanced Thai sweet chilli sauce.

Natural Wood Smoked Prawns

Our Prawns are gently hot smoked with Benchwood chips, then drizzled in a high quality cold pressed Tasmanian grown GM free canola oil.

Our mission

Norfolk Bay Gourmet Seafoods has been built on hard work and innovative products. We will continue to stay true to that legacy always looking into the future as to where consumer demand is headed, staying on top of the latest trends and always striving to produce the best sustainable seafood products on the market. We are proud to be a diverse employer with people in our ranks from all over the world and look forward to employing more Tasmanians and people who call Tasmania home. As we look further into time we plan to diversify our range to cater to a bigger portion of the market and make product offerings that are new and exciting. I appreciate all of our customers’ support over the years and look forward to the journey ahead with the utmost optimism.

Julian Schwertfeger / Owner – Norfolk Bay Gourmet Seafoods.