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NeedWant Spanish

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You will see us at local markets in Tassie selling ChurrosWe also specialise in doing tapas & giant PAELLAS. We use Calasparra & Bomba Rice, Smoked Pimentón from La Mancha & real Saffron stigmas because there is no substitute for quality and tradition.

NeedWant Spanish is a family business. We have a food trailer that travels to various locations. You will find us at some local markets making Churros.

Our menu will vary depending who else is there, complementing menus rather than competing… We believe in collaboration and diversity.

We can do catering for events and we can also do private functions and we specialise in cooking giant traditional PAELLAS (we don’t skimp on the ingredients, we use real Bomba rice, smoked pimentón and saffron threads… yes there are cheaper ingredients, but the result is not quite the same)

Where possible, we source most of our ingredients locally and we use compostable packaging. Our food is very traditional, from the heart and always cooked with respect and love 🙂