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Moo Brew is an independent craft brewery based in Hobart, Tasmania. Founded by David Walsh in 2005.

We’ve made @moobrewbrewerya home that isn’t Mona: Manky Sally’s. 25 Salamanca Place. Roll on up for beers, foods and occasionally distracting decor.

Experimental beers: we make ‘em in the nano-brewery at Manky Sally’s, and it’s also the only place you can drink ‘em. So if you want something you can’t get at the shop, slip down for a Sally’s Brew. We have normal beer, too.

11am–11pm, 7 days a week.
Lunch Friday–Sunday. Dinner every day.


The Icons are our idea of the best versions of classic beer styles. Sometimes this means we tweak a few fundamentals, but our beers are always true to style, unpasteurised and preservative free. But sometimes you don’t want art. Sometimes you just want beer. This is where BREW comes in: simple, well-made beers at a simple, well-made beer price.

Moo Brew was started on a whim: David Walsh—professional Tasmanian gambler, eventual builder of Mona—got a little drunk somewhere in eastern Europe, found a bottle he liked, and decided to build a brewery to fill it (as you do). He did already have a foot in the pond of booze, having bought one of Tasmania’s oldest wineries—Moorilla Estate—in the nineties, so a brewery probably made sense as well.

One of the biggest changes since the early days is that we’ve moved out of the original brewery (which is now a laundry), and into a large concrete cube in Bridgewater. Here we’ve been able to spread our beery wings, growing to become Tassie’s largest craft brewery, as well as picking up a fair few awards, plaudits, laurels, etc. (if you’re into that).