Me Wah Launceston

Me Wah Launceston

Chinese Restaurant Launceston

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Me Wah – a Chinese phrase meaning “Exquisite Setting”.

Me Wah is an establishment that showcases all that is excellent in a restaurant. Always professional, we offer dining elegance matched perfectly with simplicity. There is a reason that we are widely acknowledged and respected by our peers and the dining public alike. A visit to Me Wah is not only an opportunity to partake in exceptional food, it is also a very rewarding experience.

If you need to organise catering for a work function we are very happy to discuss all your requirements, so that you can collect a range of dishes that are guaranteed to impress.

One of the most pleasurable aspects of Chinese cuisine is the tradition of sharing the dishes with the other guests at your table, therefore providing you and your guests the opportunity to experience a wide range of mouth-watering dishes covering the whole gambit of tastes and aromas.

Our Cantonese Master Chef has matched these culinary dishes for you and your guest to enjoy.

Me Wah is known the world over for its consistently high quality dishes and aromatic flavours. One of the best ways to discover all the exciting and sumptuous fare is making your own selection from the à la carte menu. A wide range of dishes awaits you and our experienced staff are more than happy to assist so you and your guests have the best dining experience possible.

Me Wah is very proud of the dessert selection it offers its guests. We have recently taken traditional Chinese desserts and added a modern twist.

The wine list at the Me Wah is recognised as one of the best selections on offer, not just in Tasmania, but Australia wide. We are very proud and humbled with the numerous awards we have received for our carefully chosen wines. To accommodate the wines served, we have dedicated temperature controlled wine rooms and cabinets to ensure the integrity of our wines is always maintained.

Many years of experience in choosing the best range of wines is clearly evident when browsing the extensive wine list. Our Sommelier is happy to share his vast knowledge in assisting guests to choose the right wine to accompany their choice of dishes.