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Love Your Guts Co

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Spreading good gut vibes where ever we go. 

Cultured living foods for health and longevity!

Award-winning fermented foods handmade in Tasmania for maximum gut goodness.
Make your insides happy 🌈

Love Your Guts Co was born in the earthy kitchen of passionate foodie and health nut Caleb Robertson. Originally brewing and creating for his family, friends and clients at the natural health clinic where he worked, word soon got out and demand for his tasty and unique foods grew quickly. What started as a side hustle soon outgrew the kitchen and now three like-minded young entrepreneurs form the backbone of Love Your Guts – Caleb, his big brother Joh, and good mate Zac Fiddymont. 

What hasn’t changed are the recipes and we are committed to only making the healthiest food that we feed our own families. Creating the best tasting and highest quality foods you can buy is just a start, our mission is to be the champions of the happiest, healthiest you and ultimately the world!


Call it a gut feeling but water kefir is the new big health drink! Prized for its gut healing and mood boosting properties, it’s an ancient fermented sparkling drink that is known to impart a ‘good feeling’, which is the original meaning of the word kefir.

Water kefir cultures are made up of colonies of bacteria and yeast that look like little crystals. Our kefir cultures are fed organic sugar and fruits and ferment in pure Tasmanian spring water, sourced from the limestone karst countryside of Mole Creek. The kefir cultures ferment the sugars into a delicious fizzy drink, significantly reducing the sugar content whilst producing billions of probiotics, digestive enzymes, amino acids, vitamins and minerals.