Lauriston Grove

Lauriston Grove

Olive Farm + Food Stall South Arm

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Lauriston Grove is a pristine Tasmanian coastal property. We produce high quality extra virgin olive oil, marinated olives & is available for function hire.

Lauriston Grove was established late last century by the Linardi family. It is situated on the pristine coastal isthmus known as Hope Beach, South Arm, Tasmania.

This unique region boasts a micro-climate reminiscent of the mild mediterranean regions famous for producing quality olive products.

Organic agricultural principals and methodology is how we care for our olives. There are four varieties of olives. Frantoio and Correggiola are Italian varieties renowned for their high-quality oils. Manzanillo is a Spanish dual purpose variety great for both table olives and oil. Last but not the least, is Hardy’s Mammoth, which is a table olive with beautiful flavour and texture.

Our olives are handpicked using traditional methods. The annual harvest which occurs during May to July is a continuous festive occasion whereby many families, friends, and volunteers join in to help and celebrate with much chatter, laughter, music, food & wine well into the night.

In the late 1990’s CSIRO conducted an experiment, whereby every olive grove in Australia was asked to submit a sample of 100 olives for chemical analysis testing. The results were astounding with the southern regions of Australia, in particular Tasmania, recording by far the highest quality olive oils. The testing benchmark is the level of free acidity known as Oleic Acid. This is how Extra Virgin Oil is determined and must be below 0.8%. The lower the level of Oleic Acid the higher the quality of the oil. Lauriston Grove oils regularly record levels as low as 0.2% or even lower.

Lauriston Grove is an amazing property and is available for hire as a BYO wedding or events venue. The property is located only 20min from Hobart airport and 30min the CBD. The magical romantic landscape of this location is surrounded by natural beauty with 1/2km of ocean frontage to Hope Beach, pine forests, wetlands teaming with birdlife and is nestled amongst the beautiful olive grove.

For that once in a lifetime experience make your special day one never to forget. For enquiries contact Marco on 0417 878 723 or email via the contacts page.

We hope you enjoy the results of our passions and dreams.

Buon Appetito!

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