Kelty Farm

Kelty Farm

Organic Farm + Market Stall Woodbridge

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Kelty Farm is a certified organic farm in Woodbridge Tasmania, growing and selling beef, pork, apples and cherries.

We are fully certified by Australian Certified Organic (ACO). As a wholly Tasmanian operation we also proudly wear the TOP (Tasmanian Organic-dynamic Producers). This is your guarantee that our produce is as sustainably grown and as GE free as any food on the planet.

At Woodbridge 40km south of Hobart is Kelty Farm overlooking the D’Entrecasteaux Channel and Bruny Island. Blessed with fertile soil and a reliable 900mm annual rainfall (and no Spring frosts) we are ideally situated to produce quality Organic fruit, beef and pork. Our district has supported similar family operated farms for many generations. Our Black Angus cattle thrive on the Channel pastures and our Wessex saddleback pigs benefit from being raised in a free range system.The Channel climate enables our fruit tress to thrive in our 8ha orchard where we grow apples, cherries and apricots.

Organic farming standards demand that we strive to operate on a closed loop, low to no input system. This is our approach to food production. We have come to understand the output limits of our land based on the natural capacities of the soil biota within our microclimate and the livestock that thrive within the system. Our only concession is to assist our orchard cope with the pressure of damp Springs by strategically applying natural materials such as lime and or sulphur. Organic pig feed is also brought in, which is a great way of productively using excess outputs from other certified organic operations.Our customers can be assured that not only are they receiving a quality product, but one that is pure and that has kept the depletion of the Earth’s resources to a minimum.

Our Cattle
Our Black Angus thrive on the Channel pastures, supplemented with our own hay in winter. Some of the cows benefit from even more remote pastures down at Lady Bay. Our aim is to produce animals ready for slaughter each week with a carcass weight of approximately 230kg. We have a year round program of breeding and fattening our own stock, fattening purchased yearlings and processing ready fattened stock. All Tasmanian and all certified organic.
Our Pigs
We breed Wessex Saddleback pigs. They are all born and raised in a free range system and are fed on Tasmanian organic grain and organic dairy, and our apples.
Our Orchard
The Channel is prime apple growing country with cold winters and mild to warm summers. We can take advantage of this natural situation to grow beautiful natural fruit on 8ha of orchard. The season extends from early March to mid May. Not just apples, but also cherries in mid to late summer too!