Hidden Lake Whisky

Hidden Lake Whisky

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Hidden Lake rather proudly presents a range of perhaps the rarest single malt, single cask, Tasmanian whisky expressions ever to be released. Each expression has been expertly hand-crafted and brought to exquisite maturation in exclusively sourced barrels.

Welcome to Hidden Lake, where an exclusive whisky offering of the highest order awaits. Where rare, ultra-premium single malt, single cask Tasmanian whisky slowly reveals itself in handcrafted barrels, ensuring the impossibility of replication. Delivering highly desired rarity and quality at every turn.

So to the discerning, the connoisseur, those who won’t settle for any less than very best, here’s your moment. Sign up to all the news and discover limited releases as they become available.

Do not let history pass you by.

Revel in rarity. In nuance. In detail. In craft. In quality. In knowing you’re one of only a few who will ever lay their hands on Hidden Lake.