Eladnelle Farm

Eladnelle Farm

Saffron Farm + Market Stall Upper Derwent Valley

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Saffron from Eladnelle Farm, Tasmania.

Two city folk, Jen & Lee turned Saffron farmers in Tasmania who produce Premium Grade 1 Quality Saffron. Gold Medalist 2020 Delicious Produce Awards.

Our Premium Grade 1 Saffron is planted, grown, picked & processed (by hand) in the beautiful Upper Derwent Valley of Tasmania.

Buy ​directly from us via our website, a few specialty shops or when we attend Farm Gate Market in Hobart; you can then enjoy the many benefits of our 100% Australian product. 
​You are guaranteed that this Premium Grade 1 quality spice is pure saffron, as shown by our 2019 harvest test results from an international company; who tested our Saffron against the ISO 3632 v2 standard. 

The saffron spice is the stigma of the flowers (the red filaments or style, that form the female reproductive parts) of the Crocus Sativus. As of our 2019 harvest; we are continuing the practice of only processing the actual Saffron section of the stigmas from the Crocus sativus flowers. What this means is that we only process the red part of the stigma – which is pure Saffron. The yellow/orange that you may find on some Saffron sold is called “floral waste content” it is part of the ‘style’ of the flower and has no culinary value at all. By using only pure saffron you will need a smaller amount of Eladnelle Saffron to achieve the results from other Saffron you may have previously used before.

Check our facebook and instagram pages for market locations.