Eden Whisky

Eden Whisky

Whisky Distillery Collinsvale

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Eden Whisky is distilled, crafted, matured and bottled nestled at high altitude in the foothills of kunanyi (aka Mt. Wellington), Tasmania.


Is it the magic of kunanyi, Tasmania’s most recognisable peak and a renowned spiritual symbol since time before time?

Is it the purity of the water, cascading through streams and gullies, filtered through rocks formed aeons ago?

The wonders of the land, unspoilt, offering up its riches?

Is it the unique micro-climate, where the capricious air pressure changes result in eden whisky being drawn in and out, through the casks, to mature in a totally unique way?

It might well be the search for perfection, making each batch by hand and in small quantities, exclusively for whisky lovers.

Well it’s all these things.  Each adds to the uniqueness of eden whisky, each results in each release being uniquely different.

Rare and precious, like nature itself.  

Come and experience the spirit of the mountain.