Cheesecake Baculo

Cheesecake Baculo

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We put a unique twist on an old favourite creating delicious desserts from cheesecake. Decorated cakes to order. Find us at events throughout Tassie.

A Tasmanian produced “Cheesecake on a Stick.” Tasmanian ingredients are sourced wherever possible. An assortment of flavours continually changing due to seasonal availability. A great choice for weddings and events. Predominantly Gluten Free. 

Cheesecake Baculo will be attending markets and events around Tassie. The new trend for your wedding or event is to have a desert on a stick. Flavours can be created to suit your tastebuds. Cheesecake Baculo has a mobile freezer cart to attend your events.

Cheesecake Baculo is a unique, creamy, delicious dessert. A frozen cheesecake on a stick which started after putting a unique twist on an old favourite in our home in early 2013. After many trials and errors and taste testing from family and friends (whom were all very willing) we perfected our product.

Cheesecake Baculo… on a stick is a blend of fine Tasmanian cheeses and creams as our product base and wherever possible we source Tasmanian ingredients for our flavourings.

We attend a range of events from  small local  markets, to weddings and Festivals. Festivale 2014 we were judged by Guy Rossi as having the “Best Dessert”. Our product is also available at wholesale rates.

Indulge and try a delicious cheesecake on a stick, deep fried cheesecake or a cheesecake wedge topped with our homemade sauces.

Our delicious flavours include:
Raspberries & Cream
Caramel & Macadamia
Black Forest 
Fig Pudding
Apple Pie
Choc Ginger
Balsamic Strawberry (seasonal)
Mango Delight  (seasonal)
Pumpkin Pie
Eskimos Lamington
Classic Lemon
Toffee Apple
Rhubarb &Custard 
You can find Cheesecake Baculo at the following outlets:
  • Seaport Fish & Chips – Launceston
  • IGA Supermarket – Scottsdale
  • Stoneys Takeaway – Scottsdale
  • Branxholm Shopping Centre
  • The Nut Café – Stanley
  • Beach Hut Coffee – Ulverstone
  • IGA Supermarket – Bicheno
  • IGA Supermarket – Coles Bay