Plant Based Cheeses Launceston

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We are your plant based cheese board specialists and while we can’t offer you the actual experience of browsing in an old school delicatessen, Artisa’s unique range of premium plant based cheeses would be right at home in the most discerning cheese bar.

So come on in, learn more from our cheesemonger, and choose from our outstanding selection, all meticulously handcrafted in beautiful Tasmania. There is sure to be something to please every cheese lover! 

Handcrafted using traditional cheese making methods. Every cheese we produce carries a little of the love that we have for our island home.

Each cheese variety delivers our customers something special and often unique. It might be the flavour of local ingredients used, or the fact that we endeavour to buy local to support the community we are part of, or simply that each cheese is cared for individually from production right through to packing.

Being plant-based, our cheeses naturally have a low environmental impact and are cruelty free.

Artisa takes its triple bottom line approach to doing business seriously, with sustainability of the environment, community and profits all considered equally important.

Above all however, we are committed to producing quality, high health, beautifully presented plant-based cheeses for all cheese lovers.

About our Founder

Julie is a passionate foodie who has been vegetarian or vegan for most of her life. Before moving to Tasmania to follow her vegan food dream, Julie completed a PhD in molecular biology and worked in biomedical and clinical research in New Zealand, the United States and Australia.

Vegan cheesemaking is the perfect fusion of Julie’s foodie passion and her lifelong love of “doing science”. Taking inspiration from traditional cheese making, Julie and her team at Artisa are forging their own path in plant-based cheese production. It is a path that draws on their skills, passion and creative flair which they combine with the rigours of modern science; a path that has lead Artisa to become a leading producer of premium plant based cheeses that are uniquely Tasmanian.

You can purchase our cheeses directly online (see below) or find our cheeses at one of our many stockists.

We would love you to come and meet us, at Launceston Harvest Market, 8.30-12.30 every Saturday.