Vodi Tasmanian Vodka

Vodi Tasmanian Vodka

Tasmanian Vodka Kingston

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Created by the highly acclaimed team at White Label Distillery, Vodi vodka is our tribute to Tasmania. 

We’ve been producing award-winning spirits for many years, and now we’re dreaming up our own products that are both totally premium and totally accessible. We’re obsessed with quality and process, but we’re also really partial to great tasting spirits that make us feel good. So we’ve taken the extraordinary natural elements of Tasmanian air and water, and bottled them into an easy-drinking boutique vodka that we’re proud to share.

An Easy-drinking Boutique Tasmanian Vodka.

We’ve ditched the bitter burn and replaced it with a Tasmanian sunset. As daylight fades, the night begins, and Vodi takes you somewhere smooth and warm.

It feels good – you’ll like it here.

Vodi. Feels good.

Triple distilled 
Extra smooth  
Made from pure Tasmania water 💧 
Gold🥇at London Spirits Competition