Utzinger Wines

Utzinger Wines

Vineyard Legana

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Wines grown not made. Lutruwita / Tasmania

Beautiful boutique Tasmanian winery, located deep in the Tamar Valley. Wines made with maximum care and minimal intervention.

We are vignerons – people who nurture the vines and craft the wine.

In 2015, a Swiss winemaker travelled the world in search of the right place to establish a vineyard. Along the way he met a Tassie girl… And so the story of Utzinger Wines begins.

Our winery is located in the cool climate of Legana, in the beautiful Tamar Valley, with the Mount Barrow Ranges as a backdrop. We instantly fell in love with this land, which overlooks the meandering Tamar River (kanamaluka).

The adventure of cultivating our own grapes began in 2018. With five clones of Pinot Noir, six clones of Chardonnay, some Sauvignon Blanc and Syrah, our vineyard is planted at a high density of 6500 vines a hectare and a row spacing of 1.8m. The rich, ferrous top soil contains large volumes of dolerite pebbles and lays on top of a heavy clay subsoil, which acts as a natural sponge for water and nutrients.

Our wine growing stems from a deep love for our planet, the creatures living on it and a common idea of true terroir wines. We care deeply about the environment and aim to produce the highest quality fruit.  Our wines are crafted with maximum care and minimal intervention in order to truly represent their origin.