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Winery Coal River Valley

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Maker of Tasmanian wines of distinction, including our ‘ese Vineyards in the Coal River Valley. Specialist in fine wines of Australia.

For us Tasmania is like little Australia, an island of wilderness with four seasons, always sunny and cool. The combination of its virgin soil, pure environment, and its cool climate is a blessing, perfect for growing grapes and making premium wines. People here come from all walks of life but all chosen to be here to live life to the fullest away from the noise of the world and that make our wines quintessentially Australian – wild, bold, and free-spirited.

in Tassie, we love and respect nature. We learn to live in harmony with our environment and we are proud of being the green state of Australia. At Torchbearer wine company, our team’s everyday question is simple: how can we share our way of life to the world and let the world taste the difference, an alternative – a back to nature way. Let’s discover the essence of natural wines.

Serious wine lovers may want to know why torchbearer wines are relevant today? Because everything we do and everything we represent we go against the current establishments with our basis of more compassion. For not doing so will hinder the adaptability to change and progress. At ‘ese vineyard we want to recreate permaculture at the same time respect the individuality of the site, its terroir and the climate of the Island in order to achieve a wine of purity, delicious, and full of flavours.

What is one word that describe our wines unique character? It’s Purity- we aspire to make the purest wines in the world from our virgin soil, clean air and pure water of Tasmania. Tasmania as an island is the wonderland of natural world – the most pristine environment on earth, the last frontier where we can cultivate and enjoy the essence of life with compassion and harmony on Earth. Hence, the wines we craft are the ones we treasure, and that we hope people will keep for a long time in their cellars for years and decades to come i.e., suggested as a good way to keep and appreciate our yearly record of this brief life on Earth.

We believe in our mission of connecting local artisan wine growers to the global conscious consumers under one community – the torchbearers, because we believe that fine foods and wines can connect us all in harmony, peace, and happiness. So please join us in this journey of wine discovery and become a torchbearer: it’s not where you live it’s how you live – live extraordinarily, be cheerful and enjoy life!

And don’t forget to show us your life moment and story by using our community hashtags #xlife and #torchbearerwine

All the best wishes from the Torch Bearer Wine team!

Torch Bearer Wines – made for the keepers of love.