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Sirocco South

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Amazing Italian food made with Tasmanian ingredients at Farm Gate Market Hobart. Slow food-fast. Seasonal and bespoke foraging and feast tours.Italian slow food-fast made with the best Tassie ingredients. Farm Gate Market Hobart. Seasonal forage and feasting tours now available. 

The Sirocco South story…..With a father from Puglia and a mother from Benevento I grew up cultivating, cooking, preserving and making the most out of what we grew in our backyard and being Italian the best and most important part of the whole deal was sharing it. Now I search for the finest Tasmanian ingredients and I cook for you with the same care and energy I give to my own family. If I’m not cooking in the kitchen I built overlooking Frederick Henry Bay in Carlton, Tasmania you may find me with my family in a local pine forest foraging for wild mushrooms and asparagus. Enjoy! Michele Giuliani

Mic Giuliani is one of the caped crusaders of Tasmanian food. Foraging, tasting and investigating different ingredients, Mic spends a lot of time thinking about food. When he’s not thinking about it, he’s in his commercial kitchen cooking up magic, using fresh and foraged Tasmanian ingredients to create dishes for Sirocco South – his fabulous take on Italian cuisine.

“Family was my food inspiration, for sure,” Mic says. “My mum and my grandparents – they were really old-style Italian when it came to fresh ingredients and food. Their view was something like, ‘Air is air and water’s okay to drink, but there’s all this fabulous stuff growing that’s great to eat.’”

Mic has been sharing his take on traditional recipes with a much larger Tasmanian family for years now and you can find him, the first and third Sundays of the month at Hobart’s Farm Gate Market, and at special events including Dark Mofo. Now, he’s decided to invite people along for his favourite food pastime – foraging ingredients to create a long-table Tasmanian dining experience – literally, from paddock to plate.


Join Mic on the ultimate seasonal food treasure hunt. Discover how to identify the amazing local flavours that can be found by those in the know, including native greens, wild asparagus, delicious and safe mushrooms, salt bush and a cornucopia of other ingredients.

Then sit back overlooking sparkling Frederick Henry Bay and enjoy the rewards of your effort. Mic creates a 6-course luxury lunch from your finds, mixed with spectacular local seasonal meat and seafood, and matched with a selection of wines from the nearby multi-award-winning Bream Creek Vineyard.

With guest numbers limited to six, it’s an exclusive chance to slow down for a daytime feast and immerse yourself in the provenance of foraged – and other – ingredients. Mic’s not against getting some help as he preps and cooks, but he’s equally happy if you relax and reconnect with the joy that comes from a long, lux lunch.

While you eat, talk with Bream Creek Founder, Fred Peacock or General Manager, Rafe Nottage about the process of making their boutique wines.