Mountain River Yoghurt

Mountain River Yoghurt

Yoghurt Food Stall Huon Valley

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Tasmania’s only pot-set yoghurt, handmade in the pristine Huon Valley.

Mountain River Yoghurt is a family run business based in the Huon Valley. We manufacture and deliver Tasmania’s only pot set yoghurt using non homogenised cows milk.

Mountain River Yoghurt is the brain child Barbara Pippos and her friend Angela (who has since moved on to other ventures) who decided to make quality handmade and pot set yoghurt and serve it with a variety of toppings. It is made using Tasmanian locally sourced foods and products.

You’ll find our yoghurt at these stores….
  • Meredith’s Orchards – Margate
  • Salad Bowl – South Hobart
  • Lipscombe Larder – Sandy Bay
  • Hill Street Grocer – Blackmans Bay
  • Salamanca Fresh – Huonville
  • Hill Street Grocer – New Town
  • Salamanca Fresh  – Davey Street
  • Ye Olde Oyster Cove – Oyster Cove
  • Mount Nelson Store – Mount Nelson
  • Port Cygnet Grocer – Cygnet
  • Health Food Store – Huonville
  • Farah’s IGA – Cygnet
  • Hill Street Grocer – Devonport
  • Hill Street Grocer – West Hobart
  • Woodbridge General Store – Woodbridge
  • Eumarrah – Hobart
  • The Food Store – Sandy Bay
  • Salamanca Fresh – Lenah Valley
  • Wursthaus – Salamanca
  • Macquarie St Supermarket – South Hobart
  • Salamanca Fresh – Salamanca
  • Ranelagh Store – Ranelagh
  • Geeveston IGA – Geeveston
  • Tasmanian Grocer – Melbourne
  • Ye Olde Butcher Shoppe – Cygnet & Huonville
Restaurants & Cafes using Mountain River Yoghurt….
  • Port Cygnet Diner – Cygnet
  • Smolt Kitchen – West Hobart
  • Pure South – Melbourne
  • Home Hill Winery – Ranelagh
  • Henry Jones Restaurant – Hobart
  • Timeless Way Café- Kingston
  • Picnic Basket – Taroona
  • Jam Packed – Hobart
  • Apple Shed – Grove
  • Coterie & Co. – CBD
  • Villa Howden – Howden
  • Peppermint Bay – Woodbridge
  • The Source – MONA
  • Peacock & Jones
  • Salty Dog – Kingston
  • Urban Greek – Hobart

…you’ll also find us at the monthly Judbury Markets!

Mountain River Yoghurt was established in early 2011 and began trading at local growers’ markets in Southern Tasmania.

Our family business has steadily grown since then, and Mountain River Yoghurt is now available in about thirty retail outlets and used by a dozen top-class chefs at various restaurants.

Mountain River Yoghurt offers both Natural (unsweetened, light blue lids) and Sweet & Creamy (dark blue lids) in 1kg tubs and is Tasmania’s only pot-set yoghurt.

It is processed using raw milk sourced from Mount Cygnet Dairy and its herd of friesian and jersey cows. This combination makes Mountain River Yoghurt particularly creamy and as our milk is only pasteurized and not homogenized, our yoghurt has a lovely thick cream layer on top. It is very mild in taste and greek-style in texture.

Mountain River Yoghurt is handmade using traditional methods and is/has:

– 96% fat free
– No added thickeners
– No added gelatins
– No added preservatives
– Gluten free
– No additives

Live cultures added to our yoghurt are AB & T (Streptococcus thermophilus, lactobacillus acidophilis and bulgarius).

Exclusive to markets and festivals are a range of delicious locally sourced toppings that are scooped on top of small 200g size tubs of yoghurt. Toppings include:

– Mixed Berry Bliss
– Crunchy Nut Crumble
– Apple, Rhubarb and Ginger
– Pears poached in Rosewater & Cardomon
– Banana & Passionfruit
– Cherry & Vanilla

Our company has a strong belief in buying, supporting and trading local. We have been recognised at the 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016 Royal Hobart Fine Food Awards, being awarded gold medals for both our Natural and Sweet & Creamy yoghurt in our first year, and silver and bronze in 2014, two bronzes in 2015 and a further two silvers in 2016.