Gasworks Cellar Door

Gasworks Cellar Door

Wine Tasting Experience Hobart

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A Tasmanian wine tasting experience!

Spend time with our expert cellar door staff and be guided around Tasmania with 16 ever changing wines on taste.

Situated in Hobart’s historic waterfront precinct and just a five minute walk from the Hobart CBD.

Explore our Viticultural History

Discover the Island’s surprisingly long history of grape growing – it started on Bruny Island of all places in the 1820’s.

Your Experience

In the heart of Hobart’s colourful dock precinct, you will embark on an exclusively Tasmanian wine experience at the Gasworks Cellar Door. 

There’s no better way to introduce yourself to the wonderful cool-climate wines of Tasmania – meet some of the characters who have shaped the island’s wine-growing heritage: dating back to Captain Bligh of “The Bounty” fame – the grapes we grow and the places we grow them – and gain a unique insight into how perfectly hand-crafted wines and fine local produce complement each other.

With 16 Tasmanian wines always on tasting, a knowledgeable wine expert to guide you through the ever-changing labels, a stylish interior design, and fascinating information about the island’s wines and history- this is no ordinary tasting experience.

The Gasworks

With its sandstone facade and tall brick chimney, it’s clear that the Gasworks complex has an industrial past. The cylindrical gasometer tank that once stored coal-gas is gone, but this is the place where coal was burned to generate the gas that lit the streets of Hobart and cooked food in the kitchens of inner-city suburbs. The Cellar Door itself is located in the original Gasworks head office, where high ceilings, polished Tasmanian oak floors and a sweeping timber staircase reflect the importance of the enterprise from the late 1850s.

How it Works

Your guide will introduce each wine in detail, talking about the region, the climate and the winemaking techniques that create each one’s special character.

To taste your way around the Cellar Door, you purchase a tasting card for $10.

  • There are three cards
  • 12 wines (20ml each)
  • 6 wines (40ml each) or,
  • 3 wines (80ml each)

The 12-wine card gives you the widest options; while the 3-wines card lets you savour a trio of your choice.

The tastings add up to a total of three standard drinks – you can spit of course, but with most of these premium wines, you won’t want to!

Tasmania has earned an international reputation as a leading producer of premium cool-climate wines. The island has a moderate maritime climate, cooled by prevailing westerly winds from the Roaring Forties, so extremes in temperature are unusual. Mild spring and summer temperatures, with warm autumn days and cool nights allow the grapes to ripen slowly on the vine, resulting in maximum varietal flavour development. The Tasmanian vintage usually begins from mid-March, at the peak of the dry autumn when ripening occurs, to late May before the risk of frost and rain.


Sun-Wed 12pm – 4pm
Thurs-Sat 11am – 5pm