Bendita Bites

Bendita Bites

Brazilian Street Food Stall Hobart

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Brazilian bites street food stall.

Exciting news everyone: The waiting is over!We are finally launching on 29th October!Bring your mates to try the best of Brazilian street food.We will be at Hobart Twilight Market at Brook Street Pier waiting to see you all. Stay tuned. 

We are pleased to introduce you our dearest product, Coxinha (pronounced co-sheen-ya): The traditional version is a deep fried dough filled with shredded, well-seasoned and creamy chicken.
Coxinha means “little tight” in Portuguese because of the way it’s shaped, resembling a chicken thigh (drumstick).🍗
They are one of the most popular street food in Brazil and can be found anywhere, from service stations to bakeries and hole-in-the-wall bars to fancy restaurants – and they are really, really good. 🤤

And if we may mention something else, we also have a jackfruit vegan version of it which is as good as the traditional one!
Are you mouthwatering yet?

Introducing our Cheese balls croquettes: a delicious round shape dough filled with cheese, seasoned with oregano, crumbed and deep fried until perfection golden.🤤It is a call for vegetarians and “cheeseaholics”!

Get ready Hobart!

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